Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I am really diturbed by the way the issue of rape is beng projected as matter of gender inequalityIt is not only women that have to face harrasment, exploitation but men also have to undergo such phases in life.Infact rape is manifestation of very fundamental truth that pervades every aspect of MOTHER NATURE that bigger fish eats smaller fish.
All those who r weak have chances of being exploited by strong.It is clear from our everyday experiences that govt efforts alone are insufficient to protect life.So our safety depends at last on our mental alertness. That how well we are able to judge situations and people around usc determines our safety.Also we have to be in habbit of sacrificing small pleasures for our own safety.Going out at 2 am is unsafe for men also and not only for women.So care has to be taken at individual and family level first and then comes the role of society and govt efforts which no doubts needs improvement not only for dealing with cases of women exploiattion but in entirety.
And at last such case should not be seen as crime by men against women.There are animals present in disguise of human beings which could be both men and women. In fact majority of men have always tried to make this world a better place for women. India is the safest place for women on this earth.