Friday, June 17, 2005

Dont they feel pain?

Recent incident of killing of balckbucks by Mr Pataudi and delayed activity of police personnel (that also after media attention) has made me to talk abt this issue.
No, it is not whether Mr Pataudi will be finallly punished or he will escape like other big personalities.
I just want to know that why only killing of endangered species is crime and not others?Other animals/birds r not living or they dont feel pain ?
for sake of taste, daily unnumerable birds/animals r kiled
This seems to be the motto of non-vegetarians
can such people be called sensible, sensitive or caring for earth?
i am just unable to understand these things
can anybody help me in this regard?why people continue to be non-vegetarians even after realising that they are contributing towards increase in pain and sufferings in the world?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

And now the resignation of Mr. Advani after much uproar for his remarksin pakistan regarding babri masjid demolition and jinnah.
This man is one of few about whom i have to change my views drasticallybeing a huge fan of him before BJP came to power( when i was in12th)and now his worst critic.
He must be going through intense pain seeing opposition in bjp as wellas rss.
BJP has been reared by him upto this stage yet he has beencharged as traitor by the same organisation by his own followers and fellowmen
when your own people are unable to understand you then the situatuionis very painful
His being home minister i expected him to show some concrete resultstowards acheiving final solution for problem of kashmir
but nearly all including me were disappointed by his performanceand

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thanks and one more

Thanks everybody for your response and special thanks for the welcome.

I wont argue further for INDIA being safest place for women.
I can only say that of all the families i have come across in my life everywhere it is women who were having there say specifically daughters.
yes there r troubles for women but those r present in every place of earth
May be u will understand me when u grow up have exposure and r able to understand life in its entirety
Indian men r most sensitive and emotional as compared to their cunterparts in other parts

The reason I posted the previous article was that i was totally annoyed by one debate posted on where they were projecting RAPE as a matter of gender divide.
I could not just think that way.
Man commiting the crime is not representing male section of society.
exploiation is unrelated to gender. It is related to relative stregths
I replied to that debate but my reply was screened out
Moreover i posted my own debate but even that was not published
i posted one sily thing but it was published

so i tried to gather response from people through this medium

i dont think if u r anytime coming here again and reading this
if u do so and have plans to visit again plz leave ur comments so that i may have motivation to write and for sure it will be on social issues mostly
u can tell me if there is better way to get public response on social issues

for @$#!$#
i agree rape is completely unacceptable as well as exploitation of weak by strong but it is the truth we see everyday in our lives that weak is always exploiated by strong
what u r saying is civilisation in true sense but that doesnt happens in reality due to weaknesses inherent in humans