Friday, July 22, 2005



So much of our understanding is due to pain and sufferrings we undergo.
Our failures become our greatest teacher.

Are we right in saying that those who havent failed are unable to understand life completely?
Or just by imagination and intellect is it possible to come to absolute truth?

I have learnt a lot from my failures and pain and sufferings. They make me feel that i understand life a lot and human beings too. I doubt if my understanding wud have been same if my experiences didnt have that much failures.All ppl i have met having good understanding of life have also suffered failures

But sometimes i feel that my perception is biased in giving so much importance to painful experiences.I feel that for someone it is possible to have complete understanding w/o having suffered.Even those ppl whose havent met with failures of any kind can arrive at truth, can have total understanding of humans, nature, life etc etc...

But i am yet to meet such person.
And i am not sure if such person do exist.

What do u think?

Friday, July 15, 2005

Speaking at Oxford after receiving a honorary degree of Doctor of Civil Law, Dr Singh said,
"Today, with the balance and perspective offered by the passage of time and the benefit of hindsight, it is possible for an Indian prime minister to assert that India's experience with Britain had its beneficial consequences too"

PM of india has said this
how can any INDIAN say this?

If being highly eduacted, having higher understanding means praising those who exploitated ur ppl, i hate to be highly educated.
i dont have proper words to express my anger.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday acknowledged the "beneficial consequences" of British colonial rule like "free press, constitutional government, professional service, modern universities and research laboratories.

how can such things be beneficial if they r smeared by blood of ur own ppl?
we dont need to learn such things from others.
we were the first in having such institutions.
even for the sake of diplomacy was it necessary to put it this way?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

"Those who say 'It is better to be alone than in a bad company' have never really been alone."
(Dialogue from a movie "FAMILY")
My understanding of loneliness as applicable to above statement is the absence of a person in our life whom we trust fully and share all of our emotions, thoughts with that person.
This dialogue conveys my feelings totally towards need of human beings for companionship.
I think as human beings this need of ours is genetically hardwired in us. We always have a urge to share our thoughts with someone. We need someone infront of whom we can empty ourselves.
I feel w/o such person in our lives our life is incomplete and with such person life is beautiful.
But i worry sometimes whether this need will die out or it is for whole of my life?
Seeing my elders i doubt if this need if for life?
or is it just becoz of our age in which we have so much new to share, to talk abt...?
I dont know if i am correct in saying that we all need such person in life be it our close friend, brother, sister, parents, husband/wife or lover?