Saturday, July 09, 2005

"Those who say 'It is better to be alone than in a bad company' have never really been alone."
(Dialogue from a movie "FAMILY")
My understanding of loneliness as applicable to above statement is the absence of a person in our life whom we trust fully and share all of our emotions, thoughts with that person.
This dialogue conveys my feelings totally towards need of human beings for companionship.
I think as human beings this need of ours is genetically hardwired in us. We always have a urge to share our thoughts with someone. We need someone infront of whom we can empty ourselves.
I feel w/o such person in our lives our life is incomplete and with such person life is beautiful.
But i worry sometimes whether this need will die out or it is for whole of my life?
Seeing my elders i doubt if this need if for life?
or is it just becoz of our age in which we have so much new to share, to talk abt...?
I dont know if i am correct in saying that we all need such person in life be it our close friend, brother, sister, parents, husband/wife or lover?


Barath said...

First time here..good on u r on to!

" the absence of a person in our life whom we trust fully and share all of our emotions, thoughts with that person.."...its hard to be or find that person, until u understand it completly!

There is a book called Love and Lonliness by Jiddu Krishnamurthy...nice piece...give a thought abt reading it!

AmitL said...

Hi,Soumya...ur post reminds me of the saying'man is a social animal',a person just cannot remain alone or isolated for too long..As u say,he or she always needs someone to fall back upon,to discuss,to talk to,someone to trust.:)Nice thoughts from u.

Gangadhar said...

The world belongs to those who have love in their hearts. Selfishness keeps people away, leaving a person alone. Hence, love at heart is our main objective in life; there seems to be no other purpose.
Nice post,Soumya!!

Vivhyd said...

well said soumya.. we do need someone for us to share things with.. and without that life sort of looks incomplete..

Smyta said...

A true relationship adds colour to one's life:-)

Very well written:-)

Smiles etc.,


Arz000n said...

I think every human being needs what form and under what relation, depends on him.

Nice post!!

Alka said...

I think we need someone to talk to throughout our whole life. We always want to relate to or connet to someone, no matter who the person is. It might be our family members or friends or anyone.

L said...

Ya ...indeed companionship is inevitable ...
By reverse engineering your first statement...It is the root cause of bad company...Ppl who fail to get interactive good family/friends are easily lured by the interaction levels in a "bad company " which they so desperately desire.

L said...

Ya and thanx a lot for listing my blog...!!!

iyer education said...

nice post...

but lets be honest... do we completely strip ourselves of all our thoughts and emotions to someone... i dont think thats ever possible... we still keep somethings to ourselves... dont we??

think abt it!!!

soumya said...

few yrs back i thought like u that i wud never open up completely
but having explored so much of human mind now i know that my weaknesses, my sins, r not unusual
so i dont fear losing the one infront of whom i express them.
moreover there can be more ppl with whom i can share provided they have atleast my level of understanding of humanbeings and life

Barath said...

Precisely....its not possiblke to open up ething to one person all of a sudden...but as we is quite possible...!

guess on the same note...may be this is a perception

Shruti T A said...

A Buddha can be alone because he knows how to be perfectly himself. But we need to sharing, understanding and loving other people. Growth can happen when you are stranded on an island but how fast and how well and how right?

Anand Sharma said...

"Ordinary people can(love)_that is their secret. People like us cannot love", said Sidhartha wearily.
So said Herman Hesse in Sidhartha.
For some of us loneliness is fate.
Anand Sharma

Anonymous said...

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