Friday, July 22, 2005



So much of our understanding is due to pain and sufferrings we undergo.
Our failures become our greatest teacher.

Are we right in saying that those who havent failed are unable to understand life completely?
Or just by imagination and intellect is it possible to come to absolute truth?

I have learnt a lot from my failures and pain and sufferings. They make me feel that i understand life a lot and human beings too. I doubt if my understanding wud have been same if my experiences didnt have that much failures.All ppl i have met having good understanding of life have also suffered failures

But sometimes i feel that my perception is biased in giving so much importance to painful experiences.I feel that for someone it is possible to have complete understanding w/o having suffered.Even those ppl whose havent met with failures of any kind can arrive at truth, can have total understanding of humans, nature, life etc etc...

But i am yet to meet such person.
And i am not sure if such person do exist.

What do u think?


Vivhyd said...

Nobody is perfect and am sure all must have failed at some point in their lives.. whether they have learnt from it or not or give importance to it or not is something to think about. Sometimes u fail but it doesn't matter .. u just shrug it off and carry on as if nothing happ.. other times u think about it and learn from it..

Personally I have failed many times and the scary part is I haven't learnt my lessons yet.. hoping to learn them sooner...

L said...

Quite mind-provoking but I have varied thoughts.
Understanding of any phenomena.. non-living, philosophical or human cannot be done without a testing phase. The "have-gone-thru-all-this-process" phase.

Now this can be done by paining yourself personally or u can borrow gyan from ppl who have taken the pain themselves.

The pain-factor makes the former method effective. But ppl who have the perseverance to follow the second method have also proved successful.

Now there is a lot to learn in one's life...U cant always keep reinventing the wheel..!!!

Barath said...

I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and I missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. AND THAT IS WHY I SUCCEED.

- Michael Jordan

I'm using this quote for the second time this week!

Well I know a lot of people who have nt met with failures but have complete understanding of humans nature life etc., these are people who interact with the world! They observe and learn from others as much as they do from themselves...Iam one of them...!

soumya said...

vivhyd: it is must to learn (and remember as well) ur lessons from failures if u want to grow:-)

"cannot be done without a testing phase" & "borrow gyan from ppl"
can these two go together or i have misunderstood?
for me borrowing gyan means not undertaken test by urself

"I've failed over and over and over again in my life. AND THAT IS WHY I SUCCEED"
if u beleive this then how can u learn completely w/o failing?
are not ur statements contradictory?

never having suffered from headache till 10th class i cudnt understand what it means to have pain in head
same way i feel for heartaches;-)

Gangadhar said...

yeah i feel you are right..100%
Nice post,Soumya!!

Barath said...

...oops misintrepretation! sorry should have commented clearly!

Anyways I believe in each and everyword you should learn from failures...and what am trying to say is we should also learn from other's mistakes! not only our's ...other's as well!! Thats how we learn the lessons abt the failures that we are not involved in!

Twilight Fairy said...

"Experience is the best teacher but its fees is very high" - my mom's fav quote :)

So its better to learn thru others' experiences before u trudge on the same path.

soumya said...

Ganga: thanks...

Twilight: thanks for the quote but...

If teacher is best why dont enroll ourselves for courses under best teacher instead of learning from others?

The others may pass on to us their misinterpretations.:-)

Barath said...

well if the experience-teacher is teaching life to us why not use em from the previous students..why not learn something from the students who have learnt from them already ...costwise...may be we will have to spend a lil....but it would endup that we dont have to spend as much as they did! What ya say?

claytonia vices said...

lovely post sowmya!

true! like vivhyd said, since no one is perfect we have to commit some mistakes.
and if we are sensible enough we also learn!

Learning from other's mistakes saves a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering.
That is why it is good to have empathy coz we ourselves benefit from it! :-)

Keep those posts coming in... :-)

Sreekesh Menon said...

many have tried, many will try, fear has its little touch for each one of us, embrace it, fight it, curse it, or do whatever so you please, but nothing builds or break character like pain.

soumya said...

claytonia vices: thanks
empathy is hardwired in each of us
w/o it we as human race cudnt have survived till today but we lose it as we grow old

Sreekesh Menon: thanks for such wonderful words

barath: learning from others is beneficial only if we have empathy which many of us lose as we grow old

even if we r empathetic enough to learn from others still we r learning by being in pain

@$#!$# said...

just quoting from a poem I read long ago...

" success sounds sweetest
to those who ne'er succeed,
To comprehend a nectar
requires sorest need"

soumya said...

ash!$#: thanks

Anand Sharma said...

It all depends on your attitude to pain.When you have pain, you may wallow in self pity or you may use it as a way of connecting with loss or pain of others.If you remind yourself that there are millions of people who are feeling the same pain as you are at this moment,you will stop feeling isolated or lonely.this could then be the beginning of true compassion.
Compassion can change you completely but then you may have to change your very definition of success and failure.
You write with a rare compliments.

soumya said...

anand: thanks for such nice words

dfg said...

Everyone makes mistakes, we are human...
anyway i agree the failures makes u a thougher person and feel for the people who suffer mosre than us....but i also learnt so many thing while my friends and family members goes thru a rough patch...
nice one....keep it coming...
BTW thanks for blogrolling me and will do the same ....cheers...

The Soul Doctor said...

pain,mistakes,success and failures are relative and is a part and parcel of each ones life.

like Buddha said, get me a handfull of mustard from a house which has seen no death then I will show you a man without happiness!!

but if one can condition the mind enough, we can both learn and also ensure we arent too much bothered about anything:)

Anonymous said...

I think we secretly want to know what it's like to experience what we experience and go through it till we come out as proof that we're bigger and stronger than the experience.

If you cleverly avoid all pain, you still are a winner because what pain teaches you anyway is that you can outlive it.

Shikha said...

no, i don't think thr r ppl who haven't suffered at all. every1 has their share of suffering

Gangadhar said...

Hi..I was here!!

AmitKen said...

Hi Soumya!

First time here. nice blog you've got.

Me thinks, its both.. the success and failure, which helps u learn the truth, which makes you wise. There is no person who has not tasted one of these... though sometimes people give more importance to their failures rather than success.

Anonymous said...

There is no gain without any pain. But Pain is what makes us feel about any gain. Humans are very adaptable, if you are gaining at at 10/10 scale soon that seems to be normal and way of the life. We need more after that. Hence with pain we come back to think that we are now at 8/10 and some please gives us to reach back towars 10/10. However, the truth is that this is all in our mind. Wealth creation and ego are all elements that make us feel that we are in pain or gain. If you ever go to country side to a silent hilltop and star at the nature you will realize this. unfortunately we live in a society that works around fame and wealth. HOpe the day comes when knowledge is the only criteria.

exasparater said...

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srikanth said...

Nice thoughts...its particularly good to reflect on pains and difficulties...after we pass by them.
My view: Pain and disappointment are often due to our "understanding process" and intellect(oops...i find this exactly opposite to your view...whatever).
For instance, when asleep, we exsist, yet do not experience the pains and bugs that haunt us when we are awake. So if we had a spliting head-ache for 3 days, we didnt experience in the 3 nights. Why is this? Its most probably because, our ego, intellect and perceptions are non-functional when we are asleep.

Your views pls.

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