Thursday, September 29, 2005


Today is my friends birthday ... about whom i talked a few posts back ... even though initially i was going to write on something else yet when thinking abt wht to give to him as gift, one old question came to my mind ... it is abt gift ...

a gift u recived from somebody and for whom it was special ... problem is ... wht if that gift is liked by someone else among ur near and dear ones ...

to give that gift to somebody else looks like not caring abt feelings of one who gave it to u ...but not giving also amounts to same hurt ... hurting other person now ... but this is not the reason for my problem ... my dilemma is due to some other reason which makes me feel that giving the gift to the one who asked means caring for feelings of both the persons ... my mother told me this when i refused to part with one of my gifts ... i was in habit of keeping all gifts in store ... and now this habit is for feelings of special occasions which again i am unable to part with ... i didnt got any reason till now to part with my feelings ...

anyways this is off track ... the reasoning my mother gave is this ...

u hold that gift as very special ... and the person who asked for this gift is also among ur near and dear ones ... so again he is also special ... now giving the special gift u received to a special person means giving special attention to that gift and in turn to the person who gave the gift ... becoz u cant give anything as gift but only something special ... so u accorded special status to the special gift by giving it to a special person ... so u have cared for feelings of both the persons and had done the right thing ... but i also doubt if this reasoning is still correct in case the person who gave the gift doesnt agrees ... is the person who gave the gift has the sole discretion to decide abt the gift or can we go on with the reasoning waiting for him to understand the truth ... wht do u think ?

sorry if reading this caused a headache or looked like wastage of time ... it may sound silly i agree but wht to do ...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I think, therefore I am
I feel, therefore I am

which one u wud like to go with?

for me it is the latter.
First time when i read "I think, therefore I am" (it was when i went for interview to a comp) i was also impressed by it and it is true that difference in thinking does makes difference in ones life but why is that we think the way we think?
In all the discussion which were able to reach end point the reason for diferences in opinions came out to be the way we feel abt certain things.Even if two person r exposed to same set of data yet many times their conclusions differ due to differences in their feelings towards some basic issues of life. At the base of all our thoughts lies our feelings. Our thinking is shaped by our feelings.
More important than this is the fact that though level of thinking does determines our success and power level yet it is our feelings which defines us.
A line from the book,"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" : 'It is our choices, Harry, that show what we really are, far more than our abilities.'
Our abilities r determined by our level of thinking but our choices r decided by our feelings.

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Seven things you plan to do before you die!!

Walk on my two hands!!!
Traverse GANGA from gangotri to ganga sagar
Own a house big enough to accomodate all my bro and sis with their families
Contribute significantly towards building an orphanage and an old age home and couple them
Understand web of relationships
Become soumya ie get rid of all my anger and aggression
Defeat roger federer

Seven things you can do!!

Become quiet and serious
Confuse others
Argue endlessly
Drive unsafe
Be more jovial
Stop blogging!!
Increase saying thankyou

Seven things you can't do.

Say no to nice ppl(otherwise u wud have been saved from reading this)
Listen to selfish ppl even if they r among the most of intelligent
Stop telling truth as seen by me (even though it is not needed)
Stop teasing kids and my brothers and sisters and frnds
Stop trying to wake up early and exercise
Feel less responsible for all my identities
Be unanswering to anybody

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex!!

Truthfulness in behaviour and expressions
Unenemity towards all
Care for society,poor and weak
Long hair and blackdeepexpressive eyes
Concern for parents
(Above all) Being a human

Seven things you say most!!!

abe yar!
kya bat hai!
kuch nahin
abhi kar raha hoon
maloom hai
its fine

Seven celebrity crushes !!!

Meena kumari actress
Srikanth cricketer
Sunnu deol actor
Akshay kumar actor
Pete sampras
Kim clijsters
Katrina kaif

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