Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I think, therefore I am
I feel, therefore I am

which one u wud like to go with?

for me it is the latter.
First time when i read "I think, therefore I am" (it was when i went for interview to a comp) i was also impressed by it and it is true that difference in thinking does makes difference in ones life but why is that we think the way we think?
In all the discussion which were able to reach end point the reason for diferences in opinions came out to be the way we feel abt certain things.Even if two person r exposed to same set of data yet many times their conclusions differ due to differences in their feelings towards some basic issues of life. At the base of all our thoughts lies our feelings. Our thinking is shaped by our feelings.
More important than this is the fact that though level of thinking does determines our success and power level yet it is our feelings which defines us.
A line from the book,"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" : 'It is our choices, Harry, that show what we really are, far more than our abilities.'
Our abilities r determined by our level of thinking but our choices r decided by our feelings.

rest of this goes for barath. yeah, i have been tagged by him.
hey barath! atleast u check this out fully becoz for others it will be too boring a job to be finished.

Seven things you plan to do before you die!!

Walk on my two hands!!!
Traverse GANGA from gangotri to ganga sagar
Own a house big enough to accomodate all my bro and sis with their families
Contribute significantly towards building an orphanage and an old age home and couple them
Understand web of relationships
Become soumya ie get rid of all my anger and aggression
Defeat roger federer

Seven things you can do!!

Become quiet and serious
Confuse others
Argue endlessly
Drive unsafe
Be more jovial
Stop blogging!!
Increase saying thankyou

Seven things you can't do.

Say no to nice ppl(otherwise u wud have been saved from reading this)
Listen to selfish ppl even if they r among the most of intelligent
Stop telling truth as seen by me (even though it is not needed)
Stop teasing kids and my brothers and sisters and frnds
Stop trying to wake up early and exercise
Feel less responsible for all my identities
Be unanswering to anybody

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex!!

Truthfulness in behaviour and expressions
Unenemity towards all
Care for society,poor and weak
Long hair and blackdeepexpressive eyes
Concern for parents
(Above all) Being a human

Seven things you say most!!!

abe yar!
kya bat hai!
kuch nahin
abhi kar raha hoon
maloom hai
its fine

Seven celebrity crushes !!!

Meena kumari actress
Srikanth cricketer
Sunnu deol actor
Akshay kumar actor
Pete sampras
Kim clijsters
Katrina kaif

...its my turn to tag others

hey, u r tagged if u have come upto this point :-)
so plzzz plzzz do the needful at ur end.


Gangadhar said...

Hi Soumya,
I like the line,"our abilities are determined by our level of thinking...." It is so affective...

dfg said...

i have put a reply to ur comment on mine...read and lemme know what u think...
i will come back later and read this one..

L said...

Wow.. u wish to traverse Ganga....My god..!! hats off..!!

"Long hair and blackdeepexpressive eyes"

"Listen to selfish ppl even if they r among the most of intelligent"
Hmm .. I cant stop doin that even if I feel he is selfish...It is a different matter, his/her advice goes to the bin in case unsuitable, but he/she might spill out some wisdom which they often do accidentally.

I dont tell truth. I withheld them.:))

Hmm and quite a good exercise..!! Much a times it lets u know who u are.. Self-Discovery as they say...!!!

dfg said...

"Our abilities r determined by our level of thinking but our choices r decided by our feelings"
nice one....

Contribute significantly towards building an orphanage and an old age home and couple them........it shows a soft spot in ur heart...
abd about defeating the master of tennis...u got give another 4/5 years......

Barath said...

What you feel is based on knowledge sometimes...at those circumstances...thinkinga nd feeling cud be same...rest all is all purely motivated by the feeling part!

Defeat roger federer?

dunno abt ur skill set...but stil its more on the not possible category

Nice people...compliment! :)

opposite sex...Innocence does it still prevail?

@$#!$# said...

descartes said, " i think, therefore, i am" ...well there s not much difference between i think, and i feel....becoz at the end of the day, your feelings are your thought, and vice versa.

Whether it is think or feel, the point here is that as long as we know that things are never impossible, maybe improbable, life wont be so difficult altogether.

though i have another line of thought :

sum ergo eto

means: i am, therefore i eat ;-)

soumya said...

Gangadhar Ambati: Thanks

L: self discovery goes on for entire life

Prakash: will reply u soon ...
reg FEDERER task is for entire life

barath : it is good to have goals which seems impossible otherwise

innnocence does prevails ... may be in less no

ash!$#: i like ppl who share ur line of thought

Truth Fairy said...

Nice blog you have here Soumya :-)

AmitKen said...

i feel that i can think... and perhaps therefore i am...

heheh.. :p

soumya said...

truth fairy: thanks

amitken: hehe

Akruti said...

I will go for the later too.I feel therefore i am.Because when i think with my head it can only help me know Right or wrong and let me live in the world,survive i would say,butwih my heart,I feel,i know two words when i feel, Happiness and Tears,pain and Joy,and they make my world,thinking can or cannot help me,but feelings do,so i will rather go for it.

soumya said...

akruti: thanks

anandsharma said...

Speaking of reason and passion,Kahlil Gibran says in the Prophet:``Your reason and passion are the rudder and the sails of your seafaring soul.If either your sails or your rudder be broken,you can but toss and drift,or else be held at a standstill in mid-seas.
Foe reason,ruling alone,is a force confining;and passion,unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction.Therefore let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion,that it may sing;And let it direct your passion with reason. . . . . .. you should rest in reason and move in passion".
The latest research reveals that we have two minds,one that thinks and one that feels.These two minds are semi-independent faculties.The thinking brain is called neocortexThe amygdala acts as a storehouse of emotional memory.Sensory signals from eyes or ears first reach in the brain to the Thalamus.From Thalamus ,they go to amygdala and independently to the neocotex .Amygdala can receive signals before neocortex receives them.Emotional responses therefore take place before the thinking or intellectual response.However pre-frontal lobes in the brain can control the emotional responsesThis involves emotional brain as much in reasoning as the thinking brain.In short there has to be an intelligent balance of emotion/feeling and reason.The latest research confirms what the poet Kahlil Gibran said.
I am ,therefore ,a balanced combination of what i think and feel.The reason why many people are guided more by feelings is that they have yet to learn to be emotionally intelligent.
I do not agree that our thinking detrmines our success ,unless you include emotinal intelligence also as a part of thinking.I also am of the view that i am defined by a combination of what i think AND feel.Our abilities as well as our choices are also determined by both emotions and reason.What we call competence is a combination of of our intellectual intelligence and our emotional/social intelligence.
Sorry for taking lot of your blog space.

Sreekesh Menon said...

I am , therefore I am.

Sleepyface said...

if i don't think, am i not? or,
if i don't feel, am i not?

soumya said...

anand sharma: sir, the space is all for comments ... it belongs to all ... and comments, the longer the better ...

Sreekesh Menon: that everybody is but my point was wht everybody is ... think/feel ?

Vishnupriya: if u dont feel u will be categorised as machine ;-) and if u dont think then ... :-)

Anonymous said...

Feelins are like waves that you have to surf. When you are with it, it's total fun. When you're stubborn, you start drowning.

I like your essay.

soumya said...

flickering flame: thanks

Slice Of Life said...

i agree,feelings makes u think....
so u know whta my answer is

nandish said...

thx for visiting, i agree with u that feelings decide what we think. feelings are the foundation and what we think is vertical tower to it.

exasparater said...

nice post keep on going

soumya said...

chennai pages: i know now ... thanks

nandish: :-)

exas: thanks

Sleepyface said...

hey, no, it wasn't inspiration from anyone. as i said, the conversation was crazy. n yes, i was surprised to see you too post on a similar topic. :)

Tarun said...

soumya, For me it's

I think, therefore I am
I feel, therefore I am

At work, I think, therefore I am while for personal life it's combination of both. Some times feel and some times think.

Abaniko said...

But feeling is merely a function of thinking. Your brain tells you what to feel. Hence, "I think, therefore I am" holds true generally.

soumya said...

vishnupriya: ok, i was feeling sorry for driving u for a crazy conversation ;-)

tarun : my point was that wht defines us? we r wht we r in personal life ... which is solely dependent on feelings... right?

abaniko : thanks for comments ... for me it is reverse ... my thinking is driven by feelings ...at the base of all my actions and thinking lies my feelings of love, anger, hate, revenge, service, sacrifice, which defines me and r not born out of thinking ...

Krish said...

//Our abilities r determined by our level of thinking but our choices r decided by our feelings//
Well said soumya!

First time here... I read some of ur other posts as well. You have good abily to put your thoughts!

Will be back...

Have fun!

soumya said...

krish: thanks ...

Neha said...

well...this is the title of my blog.."I think therefore I am "....I chose it because at that time it sounded very relevant...i was starting a blog to publish my thoughts....but yeah its true that our thoughts are sometimes driven by our feelings ...yet i still think that we exist because we think...on the other hand...this also reminds me about a quote i read in RD.."when u cant decide between ur mind and ur heart,first see whenther u have a better mind or a better heart"..

Known Stranger said...

I feel to think
therefore I was
I thought to feel
therefore I am.

Confusing right ?
easy to do
one of the seven things i cant stop doing.

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