Monday, January 02, 2006

Protest Against Protest

Do we have a right to protest?
And do we have a right to protest against the protest?
And may be also the right to further continue the series of protests...

May be this is confusing. Let me try to make it more clear.

An indian actress expressed her views about how the society is, how it should be. (Nothing about whether her views are right or wrong. It is about how far the right to express can go or should go.)

Her views not in tune with views of lots of people (hereafter this is 1st group) sparked protest against her as well as defamation charges. Then few more (2nd group) started protesting against the protest (aginst 1st group) saying that each has right to express so 1st group shouldnt protest against the actress. But doesnt that right to express exists for 1st group of people?They felt hurt and insulted so dont they have right to express their hurt, insult, etc? If not in views of 2nd group (thats why they started their protest) then how the actress got the right to express her views and 2nd group themselves expressed conern over protest by 1st group against actress?

We all are free to express likes and dislikes. But shouldnt there be some restrictions?If u have got the right to express opinions about others, about society, havent society got the same right about u? To express its opinions about u?

Nobody likes to have restrictions on behaviour or thinking. But is it not that often we ourselves speak of restrictions on others, on one section of society or other? But when it comes back to us we speak of individual liberty.It is easy to blame society (or a particular section) or express views about it becoz it is not directed, it is just thrown at. But doesnt it hurts some? (It does... but who cares?) It this is the case then why one should complain if society or a section seeks justice since u hurt it?After all it is hurt that counts... pain and sufferings versus peace and happiness.

I expect society to be like one way or the other. And same way society also expects me to be the way it likes becoz society is people like me who expects others to behave in some particualr manner. Then why should I be complaining if society complains against my behaviour since I also complain about behaviour of society. Am I not having double standards????.....

Sorry for such post at the beginning of year.
Wishing you and all ur near and dear ones a happy and prosperous year ahead.
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