Tuesday, December 06, 2005


"Kabhi sochta hoon... ki mein kuch kahoon... kabhi sochta hoon... ki mein chup rahoon..."
often the above lines reflect my state of mind i.e. to speak or not, to teach or not, to scold or not and even to post or not...
during college days after numerous endless heated debates(mostly on psychological and social issues) the conclusion was never to again enter into such discussions... the reason being nobody seems to listen or change ... but still i keep going on the same path... is it because i can't keep quiet when i feel that i know the truth?... initially this was the reason ... but seeing that people dont need the truth, the reason to speak up was gone... more importantly i felt that what is truth for me, what is right for me it is not the same for others owing to differences in their upbringing, their present environment, their strengths and weaknesses... may be my perception of world, of people doesnt applies to them ... my truth, my understanding can even harm them...
but somewhere in the middle i realised that to be quiet is not the way... i have learnt so much from hearing others, reading others, ... each of my interaction with people, knowing their view point coupled with my own personal experiences helped me in arriving at whatever understanding i have today... i feel that whatever i say and now a days write also (thanks to blogworld) it is going to be a part of database of some...may be a part of their thinking also... and more importantly to arrive at truth they shud know my viewpoint also becoz i am a part of the truth...

rest of this post is for vishnupriya (being tagged by him long back... he might have forgotten himself :-))
have to do the following:
A. from your 23rd post (or closest), post the fifth sentence online.
B. post a 55 word story

A. Closest post is current one.:-)
"but still i keep going on the same path."

B. 55 word story (do tell me if it makes sense)

"Again I forgot. She wept yesterday for hours". As he entered he saw little angel in dress she was asking since last week."Daddy, i love u..." she said while being in his arms. Amazingly he looked towards his wife. Her nod and smile made him feel like in heaven.