Friday, June 17, 2005

Dont they feel pain?

Recent incident of killing of balckbucks by Mr Pataudi and delayed activity of police personnel (that also after media attention) has made me to talk abt this issue.
No, it is not whether Mr Pataudi will be finallly punished or he will escape like other big personalities.
I just want to know that why only killing of endangered species is crime and not others?Other animals/birds r not living or they dont feel pain ?
for sake of taste, daily unnumerable birds/animals r kiled
This seems to be the motto of non-vegetarians
can such people be called sensible, sensitive or caring for earth?
i am just unable to understand these things
can anybody help me in this regard?why people continue to be non-vegetarians even after realising that they are contributing towards increase in pain and sufferings in the world?


@$#!$# said...

do you mean to say that tigers are bad for the ecology, as they eat other animals all the time? :)

nature has a concept of food chain, and organisms at the upper levels usually feed on those on lower levels.

Of course this is no justification to kill animals by humans. Animals like chicken etc., that are reared for food can be eaten, but not animals like black buck or for that matter any rare animal.

P.S. I am a veggie myself :)

Vivhyd said...

U have touched a very sensitive issue!! Personally I echo ur sentiments.. as I am a vegetarian.. but... others give crappy excuses.. (non vegs that is)..

pegasus said...

Whats more... he got bail..:(

Smyta said...


Killing any organism for food is part of nature's food chain ..whtever...

But then I had read somewhere that human beings are not created for consuming NV food...basically they are meant to be vegetarians...but then u see Man doesnt stop where he needs to!!!!!

The difference is Tigers or other animals are less in population so a balance strikes if they killed other animals..but men are so much in numbers that if they kill animals..nature;s balance sure does get into a mess..

Moreover rare birds should never ever be touched..!!

Hmmm I am a veggie too chance n choice:D

Smiles etc.,


Sreekesh Menon said...

I am veggie for both the right and wrong reasons. I flip-flop between being a veggy only to a non-veggy included meal and back so very often that I am losing track to when I am what!

soumya said...

@$#!$#: i think chickens also feel pain even if they r reared for food
why should one differentiate b/w rare and non rare?

smyta: Moreover rare birds should never ever be touched..!!

is there any justifiable reason behid this assumption?

Alka Dwivedi said...

Why people are non veg is a long argument. But the least they can do is spare the endangered species. And that was FEMALE black buck, killed by Patuadi. It could have given birth to more many more black bucks!

dfg said...

Although i am a non veg, sometimes i hate eating chicken etc..
specially if i had to cut the chicken....
feels bad but i have fell into it...

pegasus said...

I agree to your comments at my blog about the Kashmir situation esp. in the current context. However if we go 50 years ago, that time India had accepted the sovereignty of J&K and the right of the king to decide the fate of its subjects and state. We also did not had a protection treaty as we have with Nepal, Bhutan and formally with Sikkim which would have automatically forced us to go to war.

I planned to save Siachin for a further post, but now that you have raised it, I will post it.

pegasus said...

We all are trusties of the mother nature... how hard is it for us to pass on the planet to the next generation unharmed?

soumya said...

50 yrs ago also situation was same
we knew strategic importance of J&K at that time also
thats why we were so keen to have it
otherwise we could have let it go like sindh

we r too weak to be trusties of MOTHER NATURE
she is all power by herself

Enshin said...

i am a vegetarian - by habit (was brought up that way) but i dont think its wrong of humans to eat animals.
(smyta: I dont know where you read it but I dont think humans were 'supposed' to be vegetarians)I believe in Darwin's theory of evolution & according to that man is a carnivorous animal... I think the unbalance in nature was caused due to higher survival rate of the human race - which ofcourse resulted in survival of even the individually weaker (along with the stronger) due to formation of the social structure.
there would be no endangered species if this unbalance was not there, and i think it is society's guilty conscious that motivates it to save these birds/animals.

Anonymous said...

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