Thursday, June 09, 2005

And now the resignation of Mr. Advani after much uproar for his remarksin pakistan regarding babri masjid demolition and jinnah.
This man is one of few about whom i have to change my views drasticallybeing a huge fan of him before BJP came to power( when i was in12th)and now his worst critic.
He must be going through intense pain seeing opposition in bjp as wellas rss.
BJP has been reared by him upto this stage yet he has beencharged as traitor by the same organisation by his own followers and fellowmen
when your own people are unable to understand you then the situatuionis very painful
His being home minister i expected him to show some concrete resultstowards acheiving final solution for problem of kashmir
but nearly all including me were disappointed by his performanceand


Vivhyd said...

Unless BJP gets a good leader like Vajpayee.. I am not sure how they are gonna upstage Congress!! But then we said the same abt INC too..Advani is too hot tempered and often jumps the gun politically.. not a good sign.. for a leader..

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read »